Steve & Julie


Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Religion: Christian – Methodist
Age: 43
Interest: Golf; reading; watching sports; cooking


Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Religion: Christian – Methodist
Age: 39
Interest: Baking, shopping, gardening, attending sporting events; cleaning and   decorating our house



Married: 6 Years
Biological Children: 0
Adopted Children: 0
Pets: None


Dear Birthparent(s),

Steve and I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this letter and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We are praying for you and that God will give you the strength and wisdom to make decisions which you feel are best for your child.

We know you are very courageous as you wish to give your child the gift of life and a family. Steve and I are so appreciative that you would consider us as adoptive parents. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves. Steve and I each grew up in homes with both of our parents and with siblings. Steve has one sibling, a brother. I, Julie, have two siblings, two brothers. We were raised in loving homes. We were raised to have open and honest conversations with our parents and knew we could trust them. We had happy childhoods and enjoyed spending time with our extended families as well. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and wonderful home growing up and I know Steve feels the same about his home. Steve and I met about seven years ago. We are from different towns and had mutual friends who thought we might be a match. We dated for about six months and then became engaged and were married two months later. We have been married for over six years. We are wonderful friends and respect each other immensely. We got to know each other quite a bit by phone as we lived in different towns. We would dedicate time to visiting on the weekends. Our friendship quickly grew to love and we are so glad it did. We got married and knew we would spend time together for a year and then begin trying to start a family. We followed through with this plan, however, the plan did not go as we had foreseen. I was able to become pregnant on two occasions, however, sadly, both of these pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

We visited several fertility specialists and attempted fertility treatments which were unsuccessful in helping us to achieve a pregnancy. We were involved in seeing fertility specialists for about five years. Steve and I decided that this was no longer the path we felt God was guiding us to be on. So, we decided to stop the fertility treatments and begin the adoption process. We are confident now, that we are being led by God to be adoptive parents and we so look forward to the day when our dream of becoming parents is a reality. Steve and I, before we were married, talked extensively about what we wanted our lives to be like after we were married.

These discussions always involved having a child or possibly children. We want to share our love with a child and raise him or her to be a happy and fulfilled individual. We have had many experiences with children, as we both work with children and have nephews and a niece who we spend time with. We both selected careers in which helping children is our focus and we care deeply for their well-being and helping them to grow to be independent and successful adults. We are involved in our nephews’ and niece’s lives and enjoy attending their activities as we want them to know we love them and seek to play active roles in their lives. Steve and I have many interests. We enjoy watching sporting events together, going for walks and taking trips which include visiting family and friends. We also like to spend time doing things at home such as working in our yard. Steve likes to read and I enjoy decorating our home for holidays and special occasions. We have been involved in church activities throughout our lives and currently attend church. One of our main priorities is spending quality time with those we love.

Our family and friends are very important to us. We have many family members who live in towns that are fairly close to where we live. We enjoy getting together, especially to celebrate times such as birthdays and holidays. Steve’s parents and his brother and family and my mother and brothers and their families are very supportive of me and Steve and our desire to adopt a child. When we are fortunate enough to have a child to raise, we will cherish this child and do all we can to ensure his or her happiness and well-being. Steve and I both work outside of the home. I do have a position in which I could possibly transition into working part-time if this is something that we feel would be a benefit to our family. We both have schedules that lend themselves well to being off work when our child will be out of school at the end of the day as well as being out of school for vacation times. Steve and I intentionally selected these positions for ourselves, knowing that we wanted to have the flexibility to be present and involved in our child’s activities. Also, my mother lives very close to us and she is retired, from a position in which she also worked with children for many years. At this time, it is our plan that she will care for our child when Steve and I are at work. Steve and I are open to raising a child of a different ethnicity. We will strive to help our child to know his or her cultural heritage and seek to involve our child in experiences which highlight his or her culture’s unique aspects. We would communicate with our child about his or her ethnicity and utilize resources to help us all learn about his or her culture. We would like to have a relationship with our future child’s birthparent(s).

We value the expertise that Deaconess provides and would look forward to possible phone calls and meetings in which Deaconess staff would provide their abundance of knowledge in helping us to form a relationship with you as the child’s birthparent(s). We want our child to know that his or her birthparent(s) love him or her very much. We want our child to know that adoption is a part of his or her story. My mother’s best friend, my “aunt”, adopted a baby who is now, herself, an adult and married. My cousin was raised to know that adoption was a part of her life’s story. I was raised to know and love my cousin just the same as if she were biologically related to me. When I was a child, I just loved doting on and playing with my cousin. She and myself and my brothers are family. The way in which my aunt and uncle raised my cousin serves as an excellent model for me, as Steve and I embark on this journey of adoption. My aunt and uncle raised my cousin in a loving home in which she felt encouraged and supported. I want you to know that Steve and I will cherish having a son or daughter and we will raise him or her to know that he or she is a part of a wonderful family which includes his or her birthparent(s). Steve and I are so thankful that you would take time to read our letter. Without even knowing you, we share good thoughts for you and wish you God’s blessings.


Julie and Steve